About Us

The Jacksons

Jackson Farrier Supplies is a family owned and operated horseshoer’s supply store! We not only provide our customers with the best and latest tools and supplies, we’re also seasoned farriers and equestrians! We pride ourselves in our knowledge and expertise. If you have any questions or challenges give us a call. We’re here for you!

Check out some pictures from around the shop!

The Jacksons: Jared, Nikki, Barb and DaleTeamwork (Dale and Jared Working on JOJO)Dale Jackson Grinds Down a ShoeDale Makes a DiagnosisInspecting the HoofSharpening a Hoof KnifeA Fine Mare and Her New FoalFocusIn the WarehouseDale Forges a HorseshoeThe Shop WatchdogJared-Cody-Ethan-Rusty-7-16-101MCPeaks Calf-Ropin